What is Reading Cloud?

The Reading Cloud is a fantastic new online reading community designed to engage students, parents, teachers and librarians in reading for pleasure.

"I have never talked to my friends about the book I am reading after school before. Reading cloud has helped me to share my love of reading with my friends... I think it is brilliant!" - Chloe, Pupil

For Students

Learners can:

  • Create an online identity (Avatar)
  • Search, reserve or download resources across the Reading Cloud
  • Recommend resources to other students: Write or video online book reviews
  • Chat online with other students about books that interest them
  • Work collaboratively within the Reading Cloud community
  • Enjoy a wide range of both publisher and author digital media
  • Blog about their favourite books and authors
  • Develop their literacy skills through all curriculum subjects. Catalogue their own books and resources in "My Home Library"
  • Share their Book, Author and Profile "Likes" with the Reading Cloud community
  • Access the Reading Cloud through mobile technologies

How to use Reading Cloud

View demos of your choice: