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How to repair the Chromebook

The process of repairing the equipment is very simple and should be initiated by parents as they own the computer.

Parents must ensure that they communicate to tutors any repairs that are being undertaken to their children’s chromebooks. Parents will receive an email that they must respond to as soon as possible in order to access a school loaned Chromebook.

The school has a bank of Chromebooks available for this purpose but on occasions demand may be high so it is important that families arrange any Chromebook repairs as quickly as possible so that pupils are not without access to this tool.

Please remember that the standard warranty doesn't cover accidental damage as broken screen, broken keyboard, drops, etc. You will only be able to claim this accidental damages if you got the extended insurance when you purchased the Chromebook.


You can verify if your Chromebook is still under warranty by selecting the brand of your device using one of the links bellow.


If your Chromebook is still under warranty and the issue is covered by it, you can continue with the repair process visiting this LINK

You can find extra information about the repair process HERE


If your Chromebook is not under warranty we recommend you to get a new Chromebook or fix it in a computer shop in your city. To buy a new device press HERE