Chrome OS Apps

Today, people are used to the idea that in addition to software that can be installed on a Windows or Mac computer from a disc or by downloading it from the Internet, there are also hundreds of thousands of apps available to run on mobile devices using platforms like iOS or Android. Across all of these different kinds of computers, tablets, and phones, there are also web browsers that allow users to view and interact with websites.

During the past few years, Google's Chrome web browser has grown tremendously in its usage. One of the unique attributes of Google's Chrome web browser is that it can run Chrome Apps inside the browser. Like on iOS or Android, these apps can be "purchased" through a specific app store within Chrome. (As with smartphones and tablets, many of the apps are free. Others are low cost or require a subscription.)

In addition to the Chrome browser, Google has rolled out an entire operating system on which computers can run based on the browser. Chrome OS, the operating system that runs on pupils' Chromebooks, is essentially the same as the Chrome browser that runs on Windows and Mac computers. Within this browser, there are countless apps, and more being added each week, that can be provided to pupils to help them learn most effectively and create a wide variety of final products.

Chrome apps take only minutes for King's College technical staff to make available for thousands of pupils and hundreds of staff members, and a wide variety of apps have been deployed. These include:

More apps are being added all the time, and a review process has been created and implemented for teachers to make recommendations for apps to be reviewed and possibly added. These apps even include those that provide technologies that can help students who are struggling with key skills like reading and writing. Additionally, more and more of these apps also now work offline, ensuring that all pupils can use apps regardless of whether or not they have Internet access at a particular time.

Use apps that are already on your Chromebook


Create a document

Create a spreadsheet

Create a presentation

Take a note

Organise and play music

Edit a photo

Make calls and video chat

Write an email

Organise your calendar

Find and save files

Access another computer

Similar Software

Word, Pages

Excel, Numbers

Powerpoint, Keynote

Notepad, Notes

iTunes, Windows Media Player



Outlook, Mac Mail

Outlook, iCal

My Computer, Finder

Remote Desktop Connection, Apple Remote Desktop

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For further information regarding Chromebooks and technology in the classroom you can contact our Digital Learning Department: