New Chromebook

There are two ways to get a new Chromebook, you can buy it using our partner or you can buy it yourself.


To buy the Chromebook using our partner, please select your school location:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Chromebooks will be delivered directly to the school; please note there is currently a worldwide shortage of computer components. Whilst we are doing our utmost to work with our partners for a September delivery, we cannot guarantee a delivery date at this time.


If you decide to get it by yourself, these are the schools requirements. Also, you MUST notify the school IT department in your school to enrol it to the school network, this guarantees that the school can manage the device and we can provide unlimited storage to the students. Students that don't inform the school about new Chromebooks will get a disciplinary sanction.

Minimum Chromebook Specifications

Operative System: Chrome OS

Screen Size: 11.6" to 12.3"

Screen Type: Touch and convertible to tablet

Minimum RAM: 4GB

Battery: At least 10 hours

It must run Android Apps

Storage: At least 32GB eMMC

Camera: At least 720p HD

Charging and Ports: USB-C

Connectivity: 802.11 AC

Keyboard: Español