What is SketchUp for Schools?

SketchUp for Schools is the core SketchUp modeler now available in a web browser for any Primary or Secondary School signed up with G Suite for Education. It’s software that lets you use your computer to create models of objects and buildings in three dimension.

It’s powerful enough to build complex projects, yet is easy to learn and use.” Their work appears in SketchUp’s 3D Warehouse, which houses millions of models.

Video Tutorials

1. Basic Shapes and Looking Around

Sketchup for Schools Basic Shapes

Sketchup for Schools Measuring Dimensions

2. Measure Dimesions

Create advanced shapes

Export 2D Graphic

Adding Colors and Textures in Sketchup

Import from the Sketchup Warehouse

Sketchup for Schools Colors and Materials

Sketchup for Schools Look Around

Sketchup for Schools Add Components

Sketchup for Schools Save Image